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Air Quality

Why is it Important for You to Change Your Filter Regularly?

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HVAC System Malfunctions

Dirty, old air filters are the number one cause of HVAC system malfunctions. A dirty filter can damage heating and cooling equipment if not addressed soon enough.

Contaminated Air Quality

Dirty air filters can’t remove contaminants such as dust, pollen, animal fur, dirt, mold, lint, hair, and bacteria. Allowing these materials back into your indoor air.

Higher Energy Bills

A dirty air filter can cause HVAC systems to become inefficient, increasing energy usage and therefore increasing your energy bills each month.

Ductwork Contaminant Accumulation

Dirty air filters can cause contaminants to accumulate in your HVAC system’s ductwork, which will then require a ductwork cleaning to prevent further damage.

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Air Filters

It's important to be changing your air filters frequently! FREE air filter when you give us a call!

There is a wide range of construction, filtration ratings, or designations. At Direct Vogl we won't try to upsell you. We know what works and what doesn't (and honestly the cheaper options usually work just great).

Many filters might boast an aggressive filter. The truth behind these $20+ filters is that you're restricting the air flow and thus damaging the components of the HVAC system, both heat and cooling season.

We offer filters at a discounted rate, for a year supply of 1" pleated filter, $39.95

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Filtration Systems

A major component and simplest form of filtration is the filter. We recommend changing those filters every 1.5 months to 2 months.

We offer other forms of filtration to include the Halo air cleaner, ion sweeper, air scrubber, etc. These will add an increase form of filtration that makes the air in our homes cleaner, like that of an operating room at the hospital.

We do include an Aprilaire 4" filtration (filter box with filter) for FREE with all of our new furnaces.

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